Filtropa Tea Filters

$ 3.75

40 count box

Loose tea consumption, the true tea lovers' choice, is gaining in popularity. Filtropa tea filters make preparing this tea as easy as preparing tea with prepackaged tea bags.

Just fill a tea filter with (a mix of) your favorite tea leaves, pour boiling water over the tea leaves (hot water over green tea) and let it draw for a few minutes.

Filtropa filter bags are high quality products manufactured from specially compounded paper. Paper that is completely free of taste and smell. Paper is perfect for coffee- and tea making because it allows the coffee or tea to be filtered at a proper rate. This paper has a high maintain-strength, when wet. And it is without doubtful components.

Paper used by Filtropa for their filter bags is approved by the international Food and Drug Administration. Modern laboratories permanently watch over the quality. The control is not limited to the basic filter paper, but also covers the whole process from development, right through to the end products.

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