Nilgiri Pure, Korkunda BOP

$ 19.99

(India) Grown organically, Nilgiri is a smooth full bodied tea with a light, bright liquor and a nutty flavor.  Nilgiri is in the "Blue Mountains" of Southern India. This region is in between the Himalayas and Ceylon. Its plants are the horticultural grandparents of Ceylon Teas, and produce brews that are fragrant and full bodied. They often have a hint of lemony flavor, and are generally excellent for blending and iced teas. The combination of fragrance and briskness makes Nilgiri teas quite unique and superb.

Remember to store your fragrant tea in an air-tight container and keep it out of direct sunlight to retain optimum freshness!

Unless otherwise specified above, all teas are shipped by the pound. (16oz)

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